I’m Siân and I play with photos for a living.

If I’m not out shooting photos for commercial clients, I’m at my computer helping clients manage their photos. It’s really the best job ever!

Sian James photographer

When it comes to shooting, I’m interested in a huge range of subject matter. With a bachelor of arts degree in photomedia and design communication and over 10 years experience, I have the technical foundation to tackle almost any photographic situation in the studio or on location. I’ve shot corporate events, model headshots, industrial plants, and professional pet portraits. I’ve shot on location in 6 continents around the world and have even been known to trek hundreds of kilometers into the wilderness for a great photo story (the epic Sheep Trek).

When I feel like sticking closer to home, I offer a range of consulting services to clients that need help making sense of an ever increasing volume of visual content. I manage the architecture of Digital Asset Management systems, create taxonomies, evaluate visual content to align with brand standards, handle web content acquisition, and so much more.

I’ve lived in New Zealand, England and Western Canada. I’ve traveled in over 30 countries and still have an insatiable appetite for travel. I’m currently based in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and am tackling new adventures in food and wine photography.

Please feel free to get in touch – I’d love to hear all about your project, whatever it may be!